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Composite ceramic tile
The company introduces advanced cutting equipment and technology, and cut natural granite and marble into 3-5mm thick slice, as well utilize hi-tech composite technique to synthesize with ceramic tile to produce hi-tech slim composite stone material, and fill up the blank technique all over China, and set up the miracle in architecture and decoration material industry.
Key feature of decorative composite ceramic tile:
1ˇ˘non-acid and alkali, non-slurry, directly stamp the cement on the wall, and keep stone material forever glossing.
2ˇ˘Customize while adopting each stone face material.
3ˇ˘Reinforce structural performance, make up the shortage of ceramic tile.
Composite ceramic tile completely has the same effect as hi-class stone material, has vein and design of natural stone material, common ceramic tile is not incomparable, let you completely do high-class stone decoration, especially applicable to business building, hotel, hi-class building, shopping center and villa etc, featuring into high-class and substantial, as well more competitive price than high-class ceramic, thus it holds very broad consumption market.