China's Internet users up to 135mln in 2006 - CCID
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Mar. 8, 2007 (China Knowledge) - China's Internet market grew steadily in 2006 as the number of users increased to 135 million, according to a report by CCID Consulting.

CCID, a Chinese market research and consulting company, said the value of the Internet market reached RMB 83.5 billion in 2006, up 33.1% from 2005. Also, total e-business transactions in China amounted to RMB 1.1 trillion, up 48.6% by the end of 2006.

With over 13,000 Internet services enterprises, Internet application services grew, especially in areas like Web2.0 applications and application market segments such as search engines. The Internet application services market reached RMB 37 billion, accounting for 44% of the overall market