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Composite alucore:

Composite alucore stone material: utilize hi-tech to synthesize slim stone material and alucore into slim stone-type honeycomb plate. Slim stone material honeycomb plate keeps up the good-looking of natural stone material, overcome the shortage of brickle and fragility and heavier weight. Herein, alucore composite stone is one of hi-class architectural and decorative material, used to paint exterior wall, and it is widely applied to manufacturing industry such as modern architecture, decoration and train, automobile and ship etc.

Key feature of composite honeycomb stone plate:
1、Light weight: standard plate is only 16kg per sqm, equal to 6mm thick glass, only one-fifth weight of that is the same thick as the stone.
2、Impact-proof strength is ten-fold than 3cm thick granite.
3、Sound insulative and heat insulative effect, stronger aseismatic performance, fireproof, anticorrosive, weatherproof and ovenproof.
4、Conform with the customer requirement to use each kind of stone material.
5、Such composite plate has easier installation, less auxiliary material, less material, less time and cost, and lower installation cost.