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The latest profile wheel technology that cuts cost and increases production!

FRANGISTONE is the newest and most innovative tool ever made by MARMOELETTROMECCANICA. This unique rough shaping wheel uses a series of horizontally placed diamond discs that creates a "Stone Hammer" effect that cuts and breaks the stone surface. Mareover this wheel higtly increases production speed. Also, since the disks are indipendent of each other, you only replace the worn disks, not the entire wheel!

Advantages of Frangistone wheel:

1. Much lower working times
2. Lesser diamond use
3. Better possibility of lubrication
4. Very fast penetration of stone working
5. Reduction of sediment owing to 60 of the stone falling into pieces
6. Power saving due to faster production
7. Possibility of substitution of diamond items that are more prone to usage

All the advantages described are multiplied when Frangistone works on thickness (ex. bullnose cm.10)

Marmoelettromeccanica has a wide range of grinding wheels of each section and thickness for numerical control, semi-automatic and manual machines.

The new line of moulding tools are called Frangistone, Zenith, Bipower and Longlife and are used for the wearing and polishing of any type of mould. Their quality is demonstrated to the market from their duration, elaboration times and non-deformability.
Marmoelettromeccanica also manufactures complete sets of grinding wheels based on the customer's design and produces portable machines to profile and cut marble and granite slabs.